QUY TRÌNH SẢN XUẤT – kpjewelry

How does KP magically make jewelry?

Step 1 – Design

Original visual ideas are sketched using 3D technology to calculate the appropriate proportions of each and every detail to produce aesthetic harmony while preserving the genuine design, which is absolutely feasible throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Step 2 – Printing a model

Upon design approval and using a specialized 3D printer, a wax sample is produced for inspection and further approval. If unsatisfactory, adjustments of the design’s necessary ratios will be made on the machine.

Step 3 - Get on the wax tree and pour the plaster mold

3D wax models are attached to a wax stick, and put into a plaster mold.

Step 4 - Melt the wax and mold the product

Depending on the type of material, KP’s artisans will precisely adjust the time, temperature, and pressure during the casting process to ensure that the metal is evenly melted and covers the surface without pitting.

Step 5 - Refining the primary structure

This is the step in the process that requires a great deal of care and attention to perfectly smooth the surface without affecting the original design of the product.

Step 6 - Attach the stones and assemble

Rock sockets must be accurately drilled and cleaned prior to beading. Each diamond and gemstone - after meeting strict regulations according to the quality scale - will be attached to the jewelry. After the stones are perfectly attached, the artisan will assemble the details to create the finished product.

Step 7 - Polishing and cleaning

KP Jewelry’s QC department will review the entire product prior to putting it through the final stage of polishing and cleaning the product. This step helps to bring out a piece of jewelry’s ultimate luster and as shine as.