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About Us



Welcome to KP Jewelry Institute, a dynamic place where energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism thrive. Founded in 1982, we have over 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry and served over 3,000 customers across the United States. Here, we blend traditional techniques with modern technology to create exquisite, soulful, and impeccable jewelry products.

We offer an online sales system with top-notch customer care service across the United States, collaborating with 1,500 wholesalers to help them achieve great success. Our team has trained numerous craftsmen from basic skills to become professionals and guided them to open their own shops. We have also helped small businesses grow from the ground up, from teaching them the fundamentals of business to becoming successful agents.

At KP Jewelry, we strive to provide wholesale jewelry that meets the highest standards. Our mission is to be a trusted and valuable partner for retailers and customers, offering top-quality products and exceptional service.